A thermal image showing a dark purple area, which is a studio floor and the shape of a person in orange/yellow signifying their body heat. They are laying on their back on the ground and then roll to the left of the image onto their front. Where they were lying previously there is a yellow shape of a person left on the purple ground, showing the heat their body have left.
Laura Fisher, FORGED. Photo by Laura Fisher.

Laura Fisher – FORGED (in the tender heat of your embrace)

FORGED (in the tender heat of your embrace) is a durational performance installation for galleries and non-traditional performance spaces. In an intimate, choreographic collaboration between the artist’s body and sheets of copper metal, FORGED (in the tender heat of your embrace) explores processes of body heat generation and exchange during movement and rest.

Through cycles of moving and resting together, a physical collaboration develops in which a disabled body and metal support enable each other’s movement; bending, heating, cooling, resting, and imprinting on one another over time. Through this process, sculptural forms gradually emerge, holding on their surface marks of the physical exchange which has occurred.

Drawing parallels between the material properties of the sheet metal and the artist’s body which experiences chronic pain, FORGED explores themes of dependency, intimacy, support and corrosion, as metal and body attempt to find a shared movement language in a delicate and precarious dance of give and take.