A lampshade against wallpaper with contrasting and colourful patterns
Kristina Veasey, My Dirty Secret!

Kristina Veasey – My Dirty Secret!

My Dirty Secret is an experiential piece by Kristina Veasey. It is borne from Kristina’s frustration as a disabled person battling to keep up with the housework. Through her attempts to maintain independence and a sense of control over her life, she inadvertently began making friends with her enemy, the household dirt.

Through a vibrant, immersive installation, Kristina will share the surprising results of this unlikely friendship and celebrate unnoticed splendour by transforming images of common household detritus into stunning fabrics and furnishings. The installation, made within a domestic setting, is a visual feast of quirky patterns and psychedelic tessellations running riot across walls, curtains, cushions and armchairs. The audience, enveloped within the heart of this colourful chaos, will find themselves submerged within a soundscape composed from domestic sounds and captured conversations; woven with audio description and creatively interpreted through BSL. Through humour and surprise, it will prompt visitors to observe the everyday in new ways. Will they still be so swift to vacuum under the sofa, or will they pause to re-imagine the discarded treasures beneath?




8-9 November
Art BnB, Blackpool
5-9 September 2018
27 May – 3 June 2018
Apthorp Gallery, Artsdepot
14-15 November

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Camilla Brueton


Kristina Veasey

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