Woven willow basket bases
Basketcase by Kristina Veasey. Photo courtesy of the artist.

Kristina Veasey – Basketcase

Basketcase is an exciting mix of willow-crafting techniques and technology resulting in an interactive, audio-visual, sculptural trail. Combining traditional basket-weaving, pulsing lights and glitter-canons, Basketcase reveals shared testimonies and joyous surprise, celebrating the irrepressible human spirit.

On leaving university with both a degree and a disability, Kristina was advised to sign on sick. Day-centre activities and basket-weaving were offered as compensation for being written-off by an inaccessible system. 23 years later, having weaved through life’s barriers (no basket in sight), Kristina wonders at the sheer resilience and resourcefulness of the human-spirit.

Basketcase is poignant, celebratory, and has universal appeal. Whether it’s pressures on young people, the devastation of austerity policies, environmental threat, or marginalisation of minority groups, infrastructure often constrains, thwarts and frustrates. But, restriction is also fertile ground for solidarity, protest, resourcefulness, and glorious creativity. In Basketcase, Kristina highlights the spirited life-force and flourishing potential that comes of raising two fingers and saying, “weave your own f*cking basket”.

Sad, funny, angry or joyous, the Basketcase sculptures engage audiences of all ages and backgrounds. Elements of surprise draw audiences along the trail, discovering each sculpture and accompanying story. Music, poetry, song, laughter, movement; what will be triggered next?

This project is Forest of Dean Sculpture Trust Partnership Award.

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