A photo in black-and-white of a wheelchair burning.
Photo by Phil Dexter

Justin Edgar – Reasonable Adjustment – The Disabled Armed Resistance Movement

In the late 1980s, disabled activists named Reasonable Adjustment (RAD) fought Margaret Thatcher’s right-wing government and an oppressive medical establishment to gain rights. Regarded as terrorists by some and freedom fighters by others, their actions included shooting a prominent geneticist who advocated euthanasia in utero for those with conditions such as spina bifida, bombings of inaccessible train stations and the siege of a benefits office.

In this exhibition Justin Edgar showcases artefacts he has collected over 30 years which document the Reasonable Adjustment movement, including photographs he took as an art student during the height of their activity in the early 1990’s. The exhibition will also include posters, weapons and a 1991 television documentary on Reasonable Adjustment previously thought lost, but recently rediscovered. In the light of nine years of austerity cuts to disabled people, some might say it’s as though RAD never happened at all.

Take a virtual tour of the exhibition here. (CW: contains content which some might find offensive, including content of a violent nature).


29 January- 4 March
The Art House, Wakefield
13 March -5 April


Justin Edgar