Image by Heather Colbert

Jonny Cotsen – HHA (Hearing Hearing AIDS)

The Hearing Hearing Aids (HHA) is an immersive project which uses your senses and technology to explore how you communicate and engage with others. Just because someone can hear you, it doesn’t mean that they’re listening. HHA is a fun, playful piece where you will feel something but what that will be is up to you. How will you know if you are listening?

The HHA will be designed so that the audience will have to “listen” instead of “hear” by really looking at people’s faces to truly listen to what they are saying. If they don’t look at the face, the dialogue will be “lost”. In this way, HHA provides them with a unique, intimate and immersive experience.

“I often wonder what it would be like to hear an entire conversation? If I could then I wouldn’t be me! I wouldn’t be Deaf. Do hearing people ever wish they were deaf? Would a hearing person allow me to take them into the deaf world? Would they feel like they had a superpower?” – Jonny Cotsen.