Eve is balancing on Joe and his wheelchair. Her legs are apart and she is held up by Joe, who is beneath her, and using his wheelchair to support her. Joe is in his wheelchair, which is tipped on the floor and his arms are spread out to each side, supporting Eve's feet
'111', Joel Brown and Eve Mutso. Photo by Vik Singh Taak.

Joel Brown – 111

111 is a duet between dancer and wheelchair user Joel Brown (Candoco Dance and Axis Dance) and former principal ballerina Eve Mutso (Scottish Ballet). The work explores interactions between the body and physical structures – our skeletons, wheelchair(s) and the set (a large scaffolding cage) – and the oscillation of power, control and vulnerability between them.

Joel and Eve collaborate in their research into movement and they share a mutual curiosity towards choreography and how apparatus affects physicality and virtuosity.


19 October 2019
23 September 2019
7 September 2019
Bounce Festival, Belfast
19 - 24 August 2019
27 April 2019
17-18 October 2018