A white woman with white hair holding an extension cable screaming to the sky. she is wearing all black and is tanding in front of a brick wall, shouting, arms in the air and holding a white extension power strip.
Photo of Jo Bannon by Paul Samuel White.

Jo Bannon – We Are Fucked

We Are Fucked is a new performance work by artist Jo Bannon exploring desire, sexuality and neoliberalism. It interrogates the modern feminist experience of personal, psychological and political penetration.

We Are Fucked is a melodramatic opera, an ode to hard work.

Soft flesh contends with hard metal as vibrating bodies and hysterical voices attempt to unseat the hidden interior of anxiety, daily exertion and relentless penetration.

We see three women as fucking objects. In a relentless game of in and out, up and down, push and pull, stuttering arias, they are constructing a power house. They are women, winning.

As they vibrate, our gaze on them is shaken, each time we look, what we’re seeing shifts. The room quakes with the force of these vibrations until we imagine they might just be strong enough to topple patriarchy from its precarious perch. It is both ecstatic and excruciating, euphoric and unforgiving.

Jo Bannon is a UK artist making live art and performance. She has presented work in the UK, Europe, South America and Australia including the Barbican, Art Gallery of Western Australia, Arnolfini, Itau Cultural Brazil, Battersea Arts Centre, PAD Mainz and the National Theatre. She is a founder member of artist collective Residence.



Press and audience quotes

“Doubt and disturbance come to a climax in Jo Bannon’s powerfully penetrating performance… We Are Fucked probes the question with an unobtrusive yet powerful female energy often overlooked in our society. ‘This is what’s happening,’ she seems to say. ‘Are you okay with that?”
– Anna Kaszuba, Springback Magazine

“I can’t decipher if it’s the sound of a neighbour’s lovemaking – headboard gently knocking on the wall – or some mounting fury that might culminate in a public uprising.Either way, the sense of voyeurism or discomfort cuts unassumingly yet painfully in Jo Bannon’s We are Fucked
– Maddy Costa, Exeunt

“…how blown away I was by We Are Fucked. It has kept returning to me – visually, aurally, through its audacity and humour and sheer visual precision. It was a very exciting thing to witness.”
– Clare Doherty, Director of Arnolfini


1 April 2020
The Lowry, Salford
9-10 November 2019
No Limits Festival, Berlin Germany
13 November 2018
7-8 September 2018
31 August – 1 September 2018
Arnolfini, Bristol

Production details

Jo Bannon
Rosana Cade
Louise Ahl
Nic Green
Outside Eye
Sue Palmer
Sound Design
Yas Clarke
Lighting Design
Jo Palmer
Production Manager
Mark Munday
Claire Cunningham
Audio Description
Rationale Productions
Talking Birds


Matthew Austin

Production images