A portrait of Jess Thom sitting in a wheelchair on a pavement with a brick wall in the background. The artist is wearing a black jumper, trousers and trainers and is smiling while playing with her hair
Jess Thom. Photo by James Lyndasy

Jess Thom – The Language-Generating Machine

The Language-Generating Machine is the start of the most exciting word search of all time: a playful, multi-sensory, immersive production for children, young people and adults exploring the power and potential of language.

Jess Thom and Touretteshero’s team of artists, playworkers and performers will collaborate with d/Deaf, disabled and non-disabled children to experiment with language in accessible and radical ways. Words matter because they help us to think, act, explore, vent frustrations, show care, understand the world and make change.

The Language-Generating Machine will be an inclusive performance, an innovative mix of play, theatre and visual art. Powered by neuro-diversity and imagination, the new machine will generate laughter, ideas and positive change. Access requirements will be essential creative tools and diverse expressions of communication will be celebrated.

“Thinking about Tourettes as a ‘language-generating machine’ radically changed my relationship with my condition. With just a handful of words my thinking was unlocked. Where once I’d seen a problem, I now see creative potential. I want to explore this idea further, collaborate across disciplines and create a piece that engages children and adults in new ways.” Jess Thom


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