Jamie Beddard suspended from an aerial wire against a bright blue sky, his arms spread wide and his mouth open.
Jamie Beddard, Weighting (2015). Photo by Richard Davenport.

Jamie Beddard – Delicate

Delicate is an unlikely collaboration between actor and director Jamie Beddard (Diverse City) and circus artist and director Aislinn Mulligan (Circumference). Together they explore a journey of ageing and disability through non-verbal storytelling and aerial circus.

Delicate crosses the divide between disabled and non-disabled, theatre and circus, gender and age. The artists experiment with creating a world where a slow walk across the stage and an effortless flight through the air have equal relevance, drama and freedom.

Delicate researches the transience and fluidity of our bodies. Identity is intimately connected to the body, but what happens when they no longer perform as they once did, when bravery and bravado are replaced by hesitancy and vulnerability? How do the medical and psychological interplay?

Jamie’s R&D is supported by Wellcome Trust and awarded to an artist to develop a creative project that engages with health and science research.