A picture of Jameisha Prescod. A black person wearing a black turtle neck in a greyish room staring out the window.
Jameisha Prescod. Photo by Jameisha Prescod

Jameisha Prescod – Do I Look Okay To You

Do I Look Okay To You? is a short, poetic moving image piece that explores the lives of Black people with chronic conditions. It uncovers how themes of pain, cultural identity and healthcare inequality intersect with chronic illness through the lens of the Black experience.

This piece features intimate phone interviews with Black British people with chronic conditions. Their stories will be illustrated with stunning moving portraits of each person through the windows and door frames of their homes; a creative call-back to the Covid-19 lockdown in the UK. The visuals will also be interwoven with scenic drone shots of UK streets and neighbourhoods.

Do I Look Okay To You? will disrupt the collective silence about health within Black communities and diversify chronic illness stories through compelling visual art.