A black and white image of Jack, in a workshop. He is holding a type of drill which is drilling into wood, while smiling at the camera.
Jack Foulks, The Frog Cycle. Photo by Beth Allum

Jack Foulks – Jack’s Frog Cycle

The Frog Cycle is a bold and dynamic interpretation of change: from frogspawn to frog. Over a period of a year, local artist Jack Foulks will explore and create a range of artistic outcomes for the Frog Cycle and exhibit his work in city centre locations.

Jack became fascinated with frogs after finding out the River Sherbourne was being uncovered for Coventry City of Culture 2021, imagining hundreds of frogs leaping out and hiding in different parts of the city centre. Jack’s Frog Cycle will be a new visual artwork project for exhibition, with real and digital elements, and is one of several strands of his ambitious and multi-faceted project called Jack’s Frogs.