Image from Hero & Leander work-in-progress performance. Jack & Sian sing a tender duet while Jack plays guitar and the band play behind him.
Jack Dean & Company — Hero & Leander: work-in-progress performance. Image by: Ben Borley

Jack Dean & Company — Hero and Leander, or, I Love You But Everything’s Under Water

Hero & Leander, or, I Love You, But Everything’s Underwater is a new outdoor show by Jack Dean & Company.

After a successful 2021 UK tour, Jack Dean & Company are back on the road for Summer and Autumn 2022 with Hero & Leander, the epic story of Ancient Greece’s doomed lovers. Developed using Jack Dean & Company’s signature style, Hero & Leander features six multi-instrumentalist performing a variety of folk, indie, sea shanties and choral music in this new cross between concept album and gig-theatre. Touring with its own bandstand Hero & Leander creates a unique atmosphere wherever it goes from music venues to festivals and village greens to theatre gardens.


About the show

Two towns, one rich and one poor, stand separated by a narrow strip of ocean. When the borders close and ships stop sailing between them, two lovers are left stranded on either side. Unphased, Leander takes to swimming across the channel to meet Hero, guided by the light of the lighthouse where she lives. But the jealous and vengeful Hephaestus, carrying an ancient grudge, plots to separate them with a flood like neither town has ever seen.

We all know this will probably end badly. But just maybe, this time, it will turn out different…

Jack Dean & Company is led by disabled artist Jack Dean. The project is supported by a Northcott Associateship and a Northern Consortium Commission.


8 & 9 July 2021, 8pm
Exeter, Exeter, Devon
14 July 2021, 6pm
The Plough Arts Centre, Great Torrington, Devon
15 July 2021 6pm
Plough Arts at Big Sheep, Abbotsham, North Bideford
17 July 2021, 7pm
21 July 2021, 6pm
22 July, 2021, 6pm
8 August 2021,3pm
9 August 2021, 1pm
14 August 2021, 6pm
15 August 2021, 1pm
15 August 2021, 6pm
Queens Park, Chesterfield
21 August, 2021
12 September 2021, 2pm
18 Septembee 2021, 2.30pm
27 November 2021 6-7PM
A Bit O A Do festival, Stanley Arts, London

Production details

Written by
Jack Dean
Composed by
Jack Dean & Company.
Cello / Vocals / Percussion
Beatrice Newman
Violin / Vocals / Percussion
Yoon Ji Kim
Vocals / percussion
Siân Keen
Trumpet / Guitars / Vocals
Hanno Rigger
Guitars / Vocals / Percussion
Jack Dean Accordion
Vocals / Percussion
Jay Kerry

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