Image from Hero & Leander work-in-progress performance. Jack & Sian sing a tender duet while Jack plays guitar and the band play behind him.
Jack Dean & Company — Hero & Leander: work-in-progress performance. Image by: Ben Borley

Jack Dean & Company — Hero and Leander, or, I Love You But Everything’s Under Water

Hero & Leander, or, I Love You, But Everything’s Underwater is a new outdoor show by Jack Dean & Company.

They will invite audiences around the UK to sing, dance and cry in a bittersweet gig theatre epic that tours with its own portable bandstand. Hero and Leander is a retelling of an ancient Greek myth in a modern English coastal setting, tackling themes of loss, resilience, climate change, and the natural cycles of life, death and rebirth.

Six multi-instrumentalists will tell an epic seaside tale through songs encompassing folk, indie, hip-hop, sea shanties and choral music. They will produce and tour the show to a host of locations across the UK in 2021 and 2022, with a particular focus on coastal towns and villages.

Jack Dean & Company is led by disabled artist Jack Dean. The project is supported by a Northcott Associateship and a Northern Consortium Commission.