Woman hiding her face behind a floating balloon with a space hopper on the floor.
-Ish by Aby Watson. Photo by Jassy Earl

Aby Watson – -ish

Rising/falling. Silent/loud. Steady/wobbly. Order/chaos. Mind/body. Able/unable.

-ish is a choreographic performance using movement, text and objects to explore the murky territory that dyspraxia inhabits between able / disabled. Made and performed by a dyspraxic artist, -ish is a performance of real effort (and real chaos) which represents dyspraxia, unapologetically, as thriving and flourishing on dys-function.



19-20 October 2018
16 September
Stanley Halls, London
9 September 2018
7 Feburary 2018

Production details

Creative Producer
Daisy Douglas
Frauke Requardt
Luke Pell
Research Supervisors
Laura Bissell, Kate Marsh, Laura Bradshaw
Lighting Designer
Eleni Thomaidou


Production images