Helen wearing a white top and bright yellow bottoms lying face down in the darkness
Production stills from Helen Hall's production of 'Inside the Speaker'. Photo by Joe Fox.

Helen Hall – Inside the Speaker

A solo dance work created by choreographer/performer Helen Hall.

As someone registered blind, Helen inhabits a world every day that few without visual impairment would understand. In the solo Helen invites the audience to share her experiences and the reality of living with a visual impairment. Stories about her daily life will be revealed in random snippets, through movements, words, light and sounds, but which, by the end of the piece, as a whole will become clearer, leaving a powerful impression. Along this journey the audience will be encouraged to experience the performance using other senses apart from sight.


19 November 2017
Brian Fried Theatre
21 August 2017
Edinburgh Fringe
28 June 2017
Lyric Theatre


May 2018
The MAC, Belfast, Cathedral Quarter Arts Festiv
November 2017
(Extract) Brian Friel Theatre, Belfast, Being Human Festival
September 2017
Brian Friel Theatre, Belfast, Bounce Festival

Production images