a birdseye view of a group of people conversating round a circle. There is a tree stump beside the group of people
Photo by Danny Hester

Felix Peckitt – The Goldilocks Mixer

The Goldilocks Mixer is a co-created sonic installation by Felix Peckitt that challenges audiences and participants to think about how sound can welcome or isolate people in public spaces.

You enter a room. Sounds greet you on all sides. On the table are objects which, when moved, shift the balance of sounds in the room. The audience is invited to find their own Goldilocks Mix and capture their ideal soundscape, where the balance is just right. Using object recognition technology and surround sound, The Goldilocks Mixer offers an immersive and challenging encounter with sound and society.

The installation will be co-created by disabled and non-disabled people through three participatory workshops on ‘technology and access’, ‘sound’ and ‘sensory translations’.

Alongside this sonic installation at a cultural venue, Ten Mix Kits are offered to external organisations to build their own Goldilocks Mixer and join a community thinking about sonic inclusion. Whose voice will be heard? Which sounds will be celebrated and which will be silenced?

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26-27 April 2019
I'm Here Where Are You?, Cambridge Junction
18 October 2018