is a young white woman in a white cap and fluffy costume with a pair of older, white hands on her head.
Still from 'Breaking the Fall', Photo by Emily Beaney

Emily Beaney – Deviant

Deviant is an experimental moving-image, sound and installation project that seeks to represent women’s lived experiences of endometriosis. Addressing gender-based health inequalities and ‘diagnostic imperialism,’ which exerts power over who has access to support and who does not, this project examines the label of ‘deviance’ when applied to women’s bodies, using endometriosis as a potent example of women’s pain being side-lined as deviance.

Working collaboratively with women in Scotland, this project will result in an immersive installation, developed through workshops exploring sound, movement and form. Multi-sensory approaches to representation aim to reveal the internal sensations, thoughts and emotions of endometriosis experience that remain hidden/unheard.

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