A woman, with light blonde hair and dressed in athletic running clothes, is running down a park pathway - she is running towards the camera.
Photo by Bibi June

Ellen Renton – Within Sight

Within Sight is a narrative, one-woman poetry performance about running, the Paralympics and societal attitudes towards disabled people, written and performed by Ellen Renton. The show combines poetry, physical movement and multimedia elements to create a story that has notes of humour, tenderness, pain and sincerity.

Within Sight follows its protagonist, who has albinism, as she goes out for a run in an attempt to clear her head after receiving some bad news: she had been training to compete in the 400 metres at the Paralympics, but has narrowly missed out on being picked for the team. As she runs, she recalls the events that led up to this moment, reflecting on the relationships between her body, her senses and her sport.

The obstacles she faces and events that take place during her run give the audience an insight into the experience of living with a visual impairment.


5-6 March 2020
Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh
3 October 2019
06 - 30 August 2021
Summerhall Online, Edinburgh Festival Fringe
17 - 18 September
Summerhall, Edinburgh
27 November 2021
A Bit Of A Do festival , Stanley Arts, London


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