Delson Weekes standing speaking into a mic next to a woman, lit in pink, with a flute up to her mouth
Pull Up - Delson Weekes- Vicki and Delson at gig. Photo by

Delson Weekes – Pull Up

Delson Weekes is an emerging musician, choreographer and theatre maker. Delson composes his own music inspired by his Jamaican heritage; combining references of reggae and dancehall music with experimental electronic beats and rap vocalisatons. Pull Up is a reference to Delson’s love of sound system culture and the tradition of re-starting records in reggae and dancehall DJing.

Delson is also a co-director of the emerging inclusive company BLINK Dance Theatre, whose recent production of FOUR CORNERS was met with high acclaim from reviewers.

Pull Up has two phases. Firstly, Delson will create an album mentored by Mat Hawkins aka Bulblet, a sound artist who specialises in artistically enabling learning disabled musicians. Once the album is created Delson then choreographs and directs performers from BLINK to an R&D creative response that is performed live for an audience.


1 September 2018
Roar Festival
16 June 2018
19 February 2018
Goldsmith's University (Theatre and Performance Dept)
10 December 2017
Theatre Macaz
6 Decemeber 2017