The shot is taken at an angle from below. In the foreground there are two models, one white, one person of colour. The white model is wearing a glittering blue dress. The black model is wearing a glittering silver sequin top. Members of the public on a brutalist balcony above them, looking down. In the background there are more models, cameras and microphones. Above, the sky is blue with white clouds. Artists note: Photo from the first show on the South Bank in 2015, a shot of the models outside skate park
Photo by Artur Nizicki

David Tovey – Man on Bench Fairytale

Man on Bench Fairytale is a participatory performance art piece informed by the artist’s experience of homelessness. Placing the ownership of beauty firmly in the hands of society’s most rejected people, participants will transform discarded clothing into couture. David Tovey will then direct volunteer models to perform a narrative that conveys the physical and psychological traces of his homelessness and recovery process.

Man on Bench Fairytale will result in a spectacular public promenade as part of Manchester’s first International Arts and Homelessness Summit and Festival from 15-18 November 2018. Incorporating operatic elements and addressing universal themes of life and death, despair and redemption, adversity and triumph, Man on Bench Fairytale will not only show how there is beauty to be found in rubbish but also that we all share common hopes and fears.



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