Two men and two women stand against a dark orange background (from left to right) a man with short dark hair and stubble wearing a green polo shirt and blue hoody looks into camera, a woman wearing a striped dress and head-dress beams at the man to her left, with short hair wearing a dark green t-shirt and smiling into camera. A woman with shaved head and wearing hooped earrings and dark shirt also smiles in the camera.
Cast, I am because we are; From left - right: Rick Bithell, Etta Fusi, Fejiro Emasiobi, Antonia Kemi Coker. Photo by Lee Baxter.

Cheryl Martin – One Woman

One Woman is a solo show in which Cheryl Martin looks at how the aftermath of her childhood trauma has contributed to her life-long severe depression. During intensive therapy for Borderline Personality Disorder, Cheryl realised that all the women in her therapy group had been sexually abused as children. The R&D was commissioned by Made at HOME and the extract premiered at Push Festival 2019.

One Woman invites the audience inside the mind of the survivor, using binaural sound and projection for immersive storytelling, in order to understand the joys and fears of survival.

Cheryl Martin is a unique voice in today’s theatre, both in her own performances and in the work she makes with others as a director. In both kinds of work, she examines experiences that most people are afraid to talk about, but approaches them with a humour, warmth, and raw honesty that draws audiences in and allows them to explore with her, fearlessly.