A white woman with long blonde hair kneels down on a mossy rock, holding a big boom mic towards it. The sun is shining and glinting against her hair, she is smiling. Around her are many many other rocks and a blue sky.
Cheryl Beer — The Millennium Coastal Path. Part of a R&D Mentorship with Addo Creative funded by Arts Council of Wales

Cheryl Beer — CÂN Y COED: Empowering the Rainforests of Wales

CÂN Y COED is a sound sculpture, re-uniting the declining temperate rainforests of Wales for the first time in 10,000 years.

Hearing-impaired environmental sound artist Cheryl Beer will collate the bio-rhythms of four remaining pockets of ancient rainforest in Wales. She will extend access and interpretation of the natural environment by translating them into a virtual sculpture of digital sound, ambience and spectral frequency, using her research and development by re-purposing the bio-medical and electronic technologies that fuel her hearing aids. Through sound, CÂN Y COED re-connects the mycelium web that once united the rainforests of Wales, bridging the gap between soil and the digital world to raise awareness of our fragile eco-history and why it is important to preserve it.

The core of Cheryl’s work is informed by the narrative of her personal experience, where the decline in nature sound was her first indication of sudden hearing loss. Once fitted with NHS hearing aids, she experienced first-hand how our connection with nature impacts on the wellbeing of humanity. By repurposing the digital technology that restored her hearing, CÂN Y COED personalises the importance of a global strategy for a sustainable eco-future.

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