Painting of a 1930's television showing Laurel and Hardy. Behind there is blue and yellow wallpaper
Cameron Morgan’s ‘TV Classics Part 1’ series - 'Laurel and Hardy (1930)'

Cameron Morgan – TV Classics Part 1

TV Classics Part 1 is an exhibition, website, Vlog and a series of public artworks that celebrate learning disability culture.

Cameron Morgan is fascinated by popular culture, in particular by a great love of 70’s and 80’s television, films and music – an interest shared by many people with learning disabilities the world over. Working with iconic television imagery from the 1930s onwards, Cameron spent six months in Project Ability’s studio creating ten paintings that honour the past eight decades of television history. TV Classics Part 1 was exhibited as part of the Southbank Centre’s Unlimited Festival and in a summer exhibition in Wales with Celf O Gwmpas.

Over the summer of 2016 Cameron Morgan was back in the Project Ability studio to create a series of slip-cast ceramic phones which highlight the grand evolution of one of human kind’s greatest inventions to date. ‘Put your Sweet Lips Closer to the Phone’ was the resulting exhibition of works at Tramway’s Unlimited Festival in September 2017.

Cameron Morgan began working with Project Ability in 1991 and was a founding member of the ground-breaking artist cooperative Art Trek (1997-2013). Cameron paints murals but his practice also encompasses drawing, photography and ceramics referencing figures in music, fiction, wrestling and his favourite films, celebrating the movement and the possibilities of paint. Cameron’s imaginative skills drive the construction of his giant murals where he illustrates how to apply paint, draw a figure and depict a movement with a devoted absorption and curiosity. Cameron’s standing as a contemporary artist was firmly established with the Generation Show Cameron’s Way: Coast to Coast; a commission funded by Creative Scotland in 2014.

Supported by Unlimited, with funding from Creative Scotland.


9 October 6– November (dates TBC)
MacRobert Centre, Stirling 

21 January – 25 February 2017
6-11 September 2016
29 June – 4 August 2016
Celf O Gwmpas, Powys, Wales
8-25 April 2016

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