Kitchen Show, 1991 Kitchen Show exclusively took place in working kitchens, beginning with Baker’s own. Baker decided to open her kitchen to the public, displaying one dozen routine kitchen actions. Each action was accompanied by a story and a rationale for its importance and was then ‘marked’ on Baker’s body. Kitchen Show subsequently toured extensively both nationally and world-wide, with Baker opening other domestic spaces to the public. This B&W image shows Baker performing throwing a ripe pear against a distant wall in a moment of extreme rage.
Bobby Baker — LIFT Kitchen Show. Image by: Andrew Whittuck


EPIC DOMESTIC is an artistic quest to create a Domestic Revolutionary Party fit for the 21st Century. Inspired by the activism of the Dada movement and the visual culture of the Soviet Revolution, EPIC DOMESTIC aims to change the way people think about domestic labour over several years, raising awareness of the value of care-work, and childcare.

EPIC DOMESTIC R&D explores the power of the internet and how images and tiny ideas capture public attention through digital marketing, social media trends, the power of personality, celebrity, and performance.