Photo by Bulltus Cassoi.

Bim Ajadi – Here Not Here

HERE/NOT HERE is a hip hop music drama showcasing a new visual language for story-telling by combining British Sign Language, Visual Vernacular, urban dance, music, and football. It is led by deaf artists creating a work and a language that can be understood and enjoyed by hearing and deaf audiences without needing to be filtered through interpretation. It is funky, funny, and thought-provoking. HERE/NOT HERE is directed by Bim Ajadi who is deaf.

The setting is a rundown industrial ‘meantime’ space that 3 different groups (footballers, VV-ers and Krump dancers) each think of as their territory. Conflict arises when each group want to use the space whilst it’s being used by the others. They have to learn to understand each other, and we find out what happens when they collaborate.

HERE/NOT HERE is designed for theatrical stages and non-theatrical spaces. There will also be a standalone film iteration.