Two American initiates taking part in a spiritual ritual in Burkina Faso. Two black woman are framed, partly obscured by smoke.
'Two Initiates'. Photo by Ayesha Jones

Ayesha Jones – Motherland

Motherland is an attempt to reconcile the artist’s experience living in Africa, as they reconnect with their maternal ancestral lineage. Images were captured over the course of three years, as the artist was being initiated into Dogon philosophies, learning how to read and write Medu (hieroglyphics) and experiencing traditional rituals. The artist has been inspired by the way dance, sound, and sculpture are used as a tool to initiate a dialogue with nature and the world of spirit, within some traditional communities in Africa.

Using photography, film, and creative writing, Motherland explores themes around black female identity, dual heritage identity, ritual abuse, well-being, duality, belonging, animism, and heritage, in order to make sense of the world and the artist’s place within it.