A close-up of the Breathing Room prototype, showing both the inside and outside edge of the tunnel. The inside is lined with row upon row of white cones, which appear to be paper, and are lit to appear as though they are glowing. On the outside this image shows a close-up of the mechanism used to make the piece move; a series of cogs and bike chains, welded to the metal frame of the installation, which are powered by motors to gently move the panels the cones are connected to, giving the sense of breathing.
Breathing Room, Anna Berry

Anna Berry – Breathing Room

Breathing Room is a large-scale, experiential, kinetic light installation in which a tunnel lined with cones “breathes”, creating a strange and otherworldly immersive experience. On the outside, the beautiful and ornate mechanism is the focus of attention, whilst inside the viewer travels through a luminous, gently moving tunnel, for an almost psychedelic experience.

Breathing Room is created by lead artist Anna Berry and collaborator/engineer Clive Doherty. In 2017, Anna received an Unlimited R&D grant to support the development of this work in prototype form, which was showcased at the Attenborough Centre, Leicester and Southbank Centre, London. This was the development of an initial indoor installation in a shopping centre which was trialled in Milton Keynes; a political piece about ownership of public space, drawn from the relentless commercialisation of public space to exclude non-commercial interests.

Interest in the sensory nature of the work means it has evolved into an experiential installation, incorporating lighting design to enhance the sound and movement. Breathing Room echoes the original concept of reclaiming the public realm, existing predominantly in the context of urban public space.

Anna and the team have created an Audio Description MP3 file and Access & Inclusion Guides for presenters and the public. The film of Breathing Room will be captioned and audio described. A 360-degree film will enable audiences to ‘visit’ from their homes and can be used as a visual guide to get familiar with Breathing Room prior to visiting in person.

Breathing Room provides a relaxed environment with gentle light and sound effects and has been designed to be wheelchair accessible

Watch the introduction film below. 

Audio Described Film.

360 degrees film.



10-30 July
21 - 22 August 2021 10am - 5pm
Spareparts Festival, Journeys , District 2, Market Square, Crewe
23-30 October 2021
WordFest, WX (Wakefield Market Hall)
6-14 November 2021
Gloucester Bright Nights, Blackfriors Priory



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