With a bowl in one hand and a staff in the other, Amy seems poised to move through a dark space, obstructed by silvery wires.
Photo by Tiu Makkonen

Amy Rosa – Gallanach

Gallanach is a live art work investigating chronic pain and chronic fatigue by artist Amy Rosa. For this durational performance, the artist is surrounded by an intricate geometric web of live copper wire, like a fly caught in the centre of a spider’s web. Carrying shallow bowls filled with water, she moves through the wires and inevitably is electrocuted. The audience shares the real time frustrations as the artist travels through the space with increasing difficulty, demonstrating the accumulative pressures of chronic fatigue and pain.

Gallanach opens up conversations about chronic illnesses and the durational aspect of living with them. The work creates a space where we can question and celebrate the difficult adaptations that have to be made; the visible and invisible barriers that can keep us from living in the present; and the power of female healers and wise women.

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Sian Baxter



18 October 2018

Production images