Photograph by Aidan Moesby

Aidan Moesby – Fragmenting the Code(x)

Aidan Moesby will work with Pum Dunbar to develop Fragmenting the Code(x). Two artists whose individual practice revolves around dialogue and who use language in very different ways, Moesby (Bipolar) and Dunbar (Autistic) will hold a series of creative conversations and research exploring various contradictory paradigms; the visual and textual, inner private space and outer public space, the autistic and non autistic. With support from Unlimited the artists will create a site-specific performative installed work. (CS)

Aidan Moesby is a socially engaged artist who responds to the specificity of place, his process is research-based around dialogues and conversations.  These may be spoken, observed, forensic or creative. Focused on memory and identity both from a cultural and personal viewpoint, he is fascinated by how we communicate and connect. From a research-based approach to relationships between people and place – often through the distillation of intimate, concealed histories – he produces text based responsive interventions in which the works serve as the catalyst for a personal or communal exploration through dialogue.

Flexible range of 2D and 3D visual art pieces and sound installations. Available for touring now.