An empty red armchair with a high back is on a blue and grey rug, alongside an ornate wooden sidetable with a potted plant on it. Behind them, some framed pictures are spotlit on a wall.

Aidan Moesby – I was naked, smelling of rain

I was naked, smelling of rain explores wellbeing through the creation of artistic responses to the physicality of weather, dis/connectedness and being ‘alone’ or ‘lonely’.

We are at a critical point of the climate change and mental health crises. We are the most connected ‘on demand’ generation yet seem to have lost touch with who we are and where we fit in the world. We mediate our life through technology and screens. Are we ever truly where we are and present?

I was naked, smelling of rain explores the impact of the external physical and social weather on our internal psycho-emotional weather. Aidan Moesby draws from the cultural canon of weather from art, literature and film; social contexts and constructs; and the medical approaches to wellbeing. These influences will inform the production of a series of responsive artworks that create the conditions for a perfect storm for personal, social and cultural conversations around technology, wellbeing and weather. Regardless of digital (dis)connectedness and proximity, we are all physically connected by the weather.

Press quotes

‘A poignant and personal reflection, giving us permission and space to think about our own mental health.’ – Disability Arts Online

‘A spiralling, melancholic metaphor for the loneliness epidemic told through gorgeous descriptions of the weather.’ – A Younger Theatre


21 November 2021
Bedlam Festival, Midlands Arts Centre, Birmingham
14 January 2021 - 16 January 2021
Unlimited Festival, Southbank Centre, London
30 November - 21 February
We The Curious, Bristol
9 November 2019
18 June 2019
Newcastle University
4 April 2019
ARC Stockton
14 March 2019
Arnolfini, Bristol

Production details

Victoria Tillotson


Victoria Tillotson

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