Adrian Lee – Metamorphoses

Metamorphoses is a new opera for a solo singer and three live musicians by blind composer and guitarist Adrian Lee.

This new work draws inspiration from Ovid’s 2,000-year-old poem, Metamorphoses, about the mythical power of transformation and combines vocal virtuosity, physical theatre, story-telling and contemporary soundscapes in a dynamic, stark and sometimes outrageous reworking.

The full-length performance is made up of eight mini-operas, based around the themes of divine and human love, passion, and the extraordinary events that transpire when the characters become possessed by their unbridled emotion.

Adrian Lee has worked as composer and music director on numerous productions for theatres and companies including the Royal Shakespeare Company, Royal National Theatre and the Young Vic. His music draws inspiration from an eclectic range of styles and influences including post-minimalist, world music, jazz, improvisation, Kurt Weill, Baroque opera and medieval music. Adrian created the music for the acclaimed RSC production of Ted Hughes’ Tales from Ovid and now breathes new musical life into classical myths with this opera.

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