Two landscape photographs in a collage. Both show a dance studio in which the same two people are moving. In the top photograph, one person has their arms outstretched while the other stands still. In the bottom, they reverse, so the opposite person is now dynamic and folder over while the other remains standing.
Aby Watson — brut. No image credit given.

Aby Watson – brut

brut is a relaxed dance performance of joyous neurodivergent embodiment, as a dyslexic, dyspraxic, and ADHD mind-body dances itself into being – and outside of neuronormative values.

In an environment that feels like a cross between a nightclub, your living room, and a sensory space, a series of performative portraits come in to focus as neurodivergent lived experience bounces, rocks, and articulates itself through compositions of dance, object, and text, underscored by a groove-inducing soundtrack that won’t keep anyone still.

Energetic, off-kilter, and wonderfully weird, brut embodies dancing as an act of joy and as a practice of neurodivergent radical acceptance.