A young man having a conversation with a woman we cannot see. The young man is wearing a t-shirt and is in an electric wheelchair.
Photo by Rachel Cherry

Unlimited: The Symposium – Choosing a Topic for the Future Session

Unlimited is hosting a symposium on 4 and 5 September 2018 at the Unicorn Theatre, London to discuss the key issues, challenges and opportunities in and surrounding disability-led arts in the 21st century, which will lead into Southbank Centre’s Unlimited Festival (5 to 9 September). The Symposium will be broken down into four sections – ‘Art’, ‘Equality’, ‘Attitude’, and ‘Future’ – and this week we’re asking for your votes on what exactly the ‘Future section will focus on…

It was a close call with last week’s vote on our ‘Attitude’ session, but the winner was ‘Why is it taking so long?’ with 33%. Please let us know suggestions for speakers, projects or content that links to that topic.  We’ll make sure that all other topics are discussed over the next couple of years  – if you fancy taking the lead on any of those that don’t make it onto our programme, get in touch!

For our final vote, we head to the ‘Future’ to help us focus on which future(s) we want. Back in the autumn, we called out for subject suggestions and gathered three topics to choose around this theme. It’s a choice between talking about technology, issues for old and young people, or size and scale.

So for the final time, have a read, make up your mind and vote below or head to our Twitter account to do so! Tell us your thoughts using the hashtag #unltdsymposium.

Future (poll opens 26 February and closes 2 March)

  1. Does new technology enable or create more barriers?
    Is technology reducing the uniqueness of disabled artists or enhancing it? What exists already? Who has access to it and how can more disabled artists get what they want and need? What will the arts and access look like in the future? Want to talk about this? Then vote for ‘Tech: enabler or barrier’
  1. Age and disability: when and where does the exclusion of disabled people in the arts begin and end?
    Are young people experiencing more or fewer barriers than the previous generation? Are they less likely to identify culturally or politically as disabled? Are older artists gaining impairments also increasingly marginalised? Want to talk about this? Then vote for ‘Ageism and disability’

  2. Does size matter? How can small and large organisations learn from each other?
    Are small arts and cultural organisations more open to actively making access happen rapidly for disabled artists than larger institutions? Do larger organisations lack flexibility or willingness? How can we learn to scale up change more quickly? Want to talk about this? Then vote for ‘Small = better access?’ 

Please help us reach as many people as we can with our last vote by sharing, retweeting and spreading the word!