Selection panels

Below is the selection panel for the 2019 awards and commissions

Each panel includes at least five independent representatives to ensure a wide and unbiased perspective from different parts of the arts industry and it’s from this group that the chair for each panel is selected. All panels are disability led and all members of Unlimited, Shape Arts and Artsadmin have no voting rights – they are there to clarify criteria, provide context and fulfil communication/administration roles.


Emerging Artist Awards Panel

David Dixon – Artist/Chapel Art Studios (Independent, Panel Chair)

Debbie Lye – Spirit of 2012

Kendall Robins – British Council

Sarah Tarry – Southbank Centre

Jo Verrent – Unlimited

James Greenhalgh – Shape Arts – Unlimited Trainee

Simon Overington-Hickford – ex-Unlimited Trainee representing Artsadmin

Niamh White – Curator (Independent)

Ben Roberts – Artists’ Research Centre (Independent)

Rose Lejeune – Curator (Independent)

Damien Robinson – Artist (Independent)


Main Commissions Panel

Ruth Gould – DaDaFest (Independent, Panel Chair)

Clare Saddleton – Arts Council England

Jenny Stove – Arts Council of Wales

Carole McFadden – British Council

Southbank Centre representative

Jo Verrent – Unlimited

David Hevey – Shape Arts

Deborah Chadbourn – Artsadmin

David Cahill-Roots – Wellcome Collection

Gavin Stride – Farnham Maltings

Chenine Bhathena – Coventry 2021

Andrew Miller – Arts Producer, Programmer and Executive (Independent)

Jo Bannon – Artist (Independent)

Donald Hutera – Journalist (Independent)

Sivamathy Selvakumaran – Producer (Independent)

Cathy Mager – Curator and producer (Independent)


Main R&D Awards Panel

Sarah Pickthall – Coach and producer (Independent, Panel Chair)

Claudia West – Arts Council England

Jenny Stoves – Arts Council Wales

Carole McFadden – British Council

Tamsin Ace – Southbank Centre

Jo Verrent – Unlimited

Jeff Rowlings – Shape Arts

Cecilia Wee – Artsadmin

David Cahill-Roots – Wellcome Collection

Rachel Clark – Forma

Caroline Moore and Susie Hall – GOSH Arts

Cathy Mager – Forest of Dean

Kai Syng Tan – Artist and Curator (Independent)

Kim Simpson – Producer (Independent)

Nickie Wildin – Artist and Director (Independent)

Linda Rocca – Curator and writer (Independent)

Alice Holland – Artist and Performer (Independent)


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