Meet the team

Unlimited is run in partnership between two arts organisations in London: Shape Arts and Artsadmin, with Senior Producer Jo Verrent.

The Unlimited team members are based at Shape Arts in Peckham and at Artsadmin in Aldgate East.

Meet our team members, find out what they do and visit the contact page if you want to get in touch.

Core Team

Alistair Gentry, dressed as an artist in a smock, a beret, and an excessive moustache.

Alistair Gentry

Unlimited Trainee


Alistair is one of the current Unlimited Trainees, based part-time at Artsadmin and working as key contact for artists, on the website, social media, and geographic balance of support for artists. Out of the office he’s a performance and community artist and writer who likes folklore, magic, daft costumes and making technology do things its manufacturers wouldn’t approve of.

Abby is sat with her legs crossed and arms stretched upwards in a yoga pose on the grass.

Abby Hoffmann

Arts Support

Abby is the newest member of the team and works part time on Unlimited. She is responsible for overseeing the micro commissions programme and will be working on the Allies scheme.

With a background in dance education, academia, health and wellbeing, Abby is thrilled to be joining the team at Unlimited and helping support artists across all disciplines.

Ellie Liddell-Crewe

Project Manager


Ellie works full time on Unlimited at Artsadmin. Amongst many things, Ellie is responsible for Unlimited’s main commissions programme, application process and portal, budgets and contracts and holds overall responsibility for artists support and showcasing- helping as many Unlimited artists as possible to reach audiences both nationally and internationally. Other responsibilities include being a key contact for artists and managing the Artsadmin side of our international work. With her own cross-disciplinary practice embedded in inclusive arts she is excited for everything that lies ahead and is aware that she has very big shoes to fill and not very big feet to fill them.

Harry stands behind a microphone as he speaks into it, behind him is a screen with a projection on it saying

Harry Murdoch

Programme Coordinator

Shape Arts

Harry is based at Shape Arts, working part time on Unlimited as Programme Coordinator. As well as supporting on the administration side of Unlimited, Harry takes care of micro-grants for commissioned and shortlisted artists and holds responsibility for music in the Unlimited portfolio.

Isabella has shoulder length blonde hair. She is looking to the side smiling. She is wearing a black top and an Unlimited lanyard.

Isabella Tulloch Gallego

Programme Manager

Shape Arts

Isabella works full time on Unlimited at Shape. She is the key liaison for the programme with Southbank Centre and their Unlimited Festival and led on the logistics for our Symposium in September 2018. She is currently leading on the logistics for our upcoming Unlimited Connects events in autumn 2019. She holds strategic responsibility for visual arts and access across the portfolio and is a key contact for some artists. She holds overall responsibility for artist’s development across the programme, as well as managing elements of our International work.

Jo Verrent

Senior Producer

Jo leads on the delivery of Unlimited full time, maintaining the workflow of the team and managing the impact the work has both at home and abroad. A self-confessed workaholic, she enjoys spreading the word about the programme and the artists, and travels extensively both nationally and internationally to do so. At home, she is responsible for fundraising, financial monitoring and reporting across the programme, working closely with the finance teams and senior management teams at both Shape Arts and Artsadmin. She manages the relationships with our partners, holds strategic responsibility for dance across the portfolio and is a key contact for some artists.

Wider Team

Deborah Chadbourn

Executive Director


Róise Goan

Artistic Director


Katie Haines

Head of Marketing and Development


Elinor Hayes

Communications and Programme Officer

Shape Arts

David Hevey


Shape Arts

Grace McDonagh

Marketing Officer


Sally Yarwood

Strategic Project Manager

Shape Arts

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