How to be Creative with Words

Unlimited Impact are working in collaboration with Young DaDa to support their new workshop programme ‘How to Be Creative with Words’. Two months into the project, Sam Wade, Arts Manager for Young People shares her thoughts, as well as some of the participants creative words!

‘Here at Young DaDa we deliver arts projects with young disabled and deaf people, the programme is directed and shaped by our Young DaDa Leadership Group. Throughout 2014 the Leadership Group and young people who took part in our projects were asking for guidance and support on how to create written pieces of work that they could perform or publish. Interestingly, the feeling was that the word ‘creative writing’ put off young people and they wanted a project where we could explore how to produce written work in alternative ways. At Young DaDaFest in June 2014 one of our young people read out a collection of very powerful poems that she had written, the emotion and power that she conveyed in these poems was a catalyst for us to create a new project.

As part of DaDaFest 2014 we delivered a workshop called ‘How to be Creative with Words’. We promoted it by stating ‘Creative writing doesn’t always mean putting pen to paper’. The workshop was a success and young people had a fun day creating pictures and poems using words they had found in the library. With support from Unlimited Impact we are now able to deliver regular workshops in 2015 working towards our Young DaDaFest event in July and are looking forward to listening to or reading more of the exciting work that the young people create.’

To read the ‘How to be Creative with Words’ blog click here.

Bedroom Tax

Bedroom Tax

People can’t afford it

Me Mam can’t stay overnight.

I can’t afford it

I have to have an extra shift at work

because I’m skint.

Plus I’m ill

So me Ma makes a complaint to David Cameron

to stop the bedroom tax

and she succeeds.


By Christopher Higginson.


Butterfly House for Sale

Elegant 4 bedroom house for sale

Each room includes a fluorescent warm coloured wall with a sweet scent of strawberries. The living room occupies a sensational illusion carpet in baby blue and turquoise.

Walls are sound proof so you will sleep soundly every night, the kitchen has own unlimited supply of tulips and rose so you will never go hungry.

By Neena