An image of Craig simpson during a performance

Craig Simpson

Scottish based dancer Craig Simpson is working in collaboration with Janice Parker to make a new dance film installation based on the improvised movement material he created as part of a live performance in 2013. The film will involve up to 30 men dancing, with Craig as instigator, shaper and creator of his physical landscape.

In 2012 Craig performed as part of a diverse and evolving company of 18 dancers in Janice Parker’s Unlimited commission Private Dancer which featured at Southbank Centre’s Unlimited Festival in September 2012.

Private Dancer takes place in a specially designed and purpose built ‘house’, containing 5 different rooms and performance areas.

Each room is filled with personal memorabilia and objects, belonging to a solo disabled dancer, who inhabits and performs to an audience of one. This intimate performance arena opens a portal to a normally unseen, unknown perspective of a person.

With support from Unlimited Impact Craig will be collaborating with Janice Parker once again. He will be making a piece for camera, which highlights and compliments his dancing skills, solidifying his talent and skills into something that can be widely shared amongst peers and professionals.