Set of Let Me Stay, stack of boxes with woman seated in front.
Let Me Stay by Vital Xposure. Photograph by Libby Watson

Vital Xposure – Let Me Stay

Let Me Stay is a tender and unique exploration of the impact of Alzheimer’s on family relations. Artist Julie McNamara has recorded her Mother’s songs and stories, filmed and photographed her in all her glory, over many years. The result is a compelling solo theatre performance, an extraordinary love letter straight from the heart welded with a wicked underlying humour. Unlimited will support additional touring of this new work. £23,993 (ACE).

2 Minutes with Julie McNamara (captioned)

2 Minutes with Julie McNamara (audio-described)

Merseyside born Julie McNamara is foremost a theatre practitioner, she is also a producer, playwright, musician, poet and arts development worker. She is driven by a passion for social justice and raising the profile of Disability Arts. Her work seeks out forgotten voices, in the margins of our communities, revealing some uncomfortable truths. She is a great advocate within Disability Arts and is constantly seeking out imaginative solutions to open out her work to new audiences.

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