A visual arts piece, in the top section the words power is written in block letters. the colour's used are multicolured. on the side it says Battersea with a drawing of a bridge. there are drawn angles around the piece.
Ian Wornast - Power

Thompson Hall & Ian Wornast – My Life in London

My Life in London is an exhibition chronicling the experiences of learning disabled people as they journey through life in the 21st Century. It will explore the emotional responses of artists Thompson Hall and Ian Wornast to the sights, sounds, colour, hustle and bustle and people of the capital city.

Thompson has an uncanny eye for detail. He uses observational sketches of the urban landscape and objects in galleries and museums as the basis for dynamic drawings and paintings that depict the world in glorious Technicolor. Ian creates bold, colourful drawings reflecting his love of London and the public transport system. Working from a combination of sourced images and memories, he creates intricate patterns that weave together into complex tableaux of the mapped city as he sees it.

They will spend six months exploring London, and then create individual and collaborative artworks for an exhibition to be launched in central London and then tour the UK.


Until 1 January 2020
21-27 March 2019
12 January - 27 February 2019
5-9 September 2018

Production credits

Artist Mentor
Lisa Brown

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