Seasonal Fluctuations, Sonia Allori. Photograph by Fleeta Siegal

Sonia Allori – Seasons 4.0

Inspired by Vivaldi’s Four Seasons, with Unlimited support Allori will create a new musical composition exploring character, narrative, audience and the ways that disabled and non-disabled people use public space. The composition will be the starting point for a new performance developed with disabled theatre-maker Danny Braverman as dramaturg, dancer Sheron Wray, devising the choreography, and technologist and academic Fleeta Siegel researching how technology can be used to engage inclusive art audiences. The project is managed by Drake Music. (CS)

Sonia Allori is a Scottish/Italian composer, musician, music therapist and writer. She is trying to find a way forwards in life using disability, music and words as tools for change. She has a PhD in music composition and an MSc in Music Therapy. Sonia plays the clarinet, sax, bassoon, flute, whistles and piano. She has recently started exploring the use of technology and electronics to temper and enhance the sounds she can create organically. For this project, she is working with Drake Music an arts organisation that removes disabling barriers to music.


5 September 2014