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Noëmi Lakmaier with balloons attached to her dress (view from above)

Noëmi Lakmaier

Visual arts | 2015

Cherophobia is a durational 48-hour live installation. It is an attempt to lift the artist’s tied and immobilised body off the ground using the force of 20,000 helium-filled multi-coloured balloons.

Cherophobia is a performance and a gathering, a one-off event that intertwines people in their shared suspense and anticipation. It takes its title from a psychiatric condition, defined as ‘an exaggerated or irrational fear of gaiety or happiness’.

Audiences are welcomed to join for the duration as balloons are inflated one at a time by a team of assistants. The performance was broadcasted live from a site in London to Southbank Centre’s 2016 Unlimited Festival. It has travelled to other venues around the UK as well.

Producer: Shiri Shalmy.

Supporters: Michael Wüst, world-renowned rope suspension expert, and Live Art Development Agency.

Originating from her own experience of disabled self, hence physical ‘other’ Noëmi Lakmaier’s work explores notions of the ‘other’ ranging from the physical to the philosophical, the personal to the political. The individual’s relationship to its surroundings, identity, and perception of self and ‘other’ in contemporary society are core interests in her predominantly live and site-responsive practice.

Through the use of everyday materials and her own body she constructs temporary living installations – alternative physical realities. Through them she explores the psychological implications of power, control and insecurity, the drive to belong and succeed, as well as feelings of self-doubt and otherness.

Noëmi has performed and exhibited widely, both in the UK and internationally.

@noemilakmaier | noemilakmaier.co.uk

One-off durational live art event in London. Available for 48 hour live streaming in September 2016.

Supported by Unlimited, with funding from Arts Council England.

Live Streams

07-09 September 2016 – South Bank Centre’s Unlimited Festival, London

07 –  09 September 2016 Newlyn Art Gallery

07 –  09 September 2016 FACT

As well as being streamed live to the Southbank Centre. The performance will take place at St Leonard’s, Shoreditch Church over 48 hours and is open to the public and be streamed on Noemi Lakmaier website.

Wednesday 7 September 12:00 noon – Friday 9 September 12:00 noon

St Leonard’s, Shoreditch Church Shoreditch High St, London E1 6JN

St Leonard’s Shoreditch Church is easily accessible from Southbank Centre by tube, bus and taxi.

We recommend taking the Wood Green bus 243 from Waterloo Bridge South Bank (Stop P), 15 stops to Shoreditch Town Hall (Stop X), which is 2 minutes from the church.