Maki sitting, looking away from the camera, she wears a black top and has short, blue hair.
Maki Yamazaki. Image by Brian Hutchison

Maki Yamazaki – Pioneer [03]

Pioneer[03] is a work of interactive fiction where the player constructs an identity for themselves to navigate a sci-fi story inspired by a 10th Century Japanese fairytale, in the form of computer game. The audience member is the creator of the story, making choices that shape the outcome including decisions about their gender, identity and personality. To frame its investigation of identity, choice and the nature of self, Pioneer[03] is conceived as an installation in gallery spaces in order to reach new audiences, have participants engage with it as an artistic experience and to encourage focused immersion in that experience.

Pioneer[03] will use original visual art, animation, music and writing to create a experience that is accessible, fascinating and ultimately thought-provoking.It will invite audiences to play as a protagonist who is not white, male or abstracted – as is the case with many mainstream games.LGBTQA+ identity choices are available and the inhabited character is disabled. The unfolding of the narrative does not centre on completion of fantastical tasks of superhuman ability, but instead on a delicate exploration of fragility and agency.

Artist, Musician & Games Developer, Maki Yamazaki probably spends too much time locked away in her studio, Silvana Laboratory. Geek, oddball and all-round creative person with a penchant for peppermint tea, sci-fi, strong narratives and writing biographies in third person.

Recommended for ages 12+, may contain strong language.

Supported by Unlimited, with funding from Creative Scotland


15-25 September 2016