Liz Carr sits in a golden wheelchair. Above her golden balloons spell out the word 'EXIT.' A man and woman stand either side dressed in white with red belts and ties.
Photo by Manuel Vason.

Liz Carr – Assisted Suicide: The Musical

Assisted Suicide: The Musical provoked audiences by subverting notions of choice, dignity, compassion and quality of life through music, comedy, spectacle and shared humanity.

In 2015, MP’s voted overwhelmingly against legalising assisted suicide.  Opinion polls suggest that the UK population believe it’s a humane choice to legalise assisted suicide for terminally ill or disabled people but Liz, and many other disabled people disagree.  With a lack of creative work exploring the complexity and opposition to this most topical taboo, Liz, along with director Mark Whitelaw, composer Ian Hill and a cast of actors used the world of musical theatre to tell this important and often unheard perspective.

Assisted Suicide: The Musical was produced by Company Collective

Liz Carr is a disabled activist and artist with a darkly comic take on life and a love of pushing the creative envelope. For the past 4 years she has played  forensic examiner Clarissa Mullery in the BBC drama Silent Witness. Liz is a regular with the comedy line-up Abnormally Funny People and for seven years, she co-hosted the irreverently funny BBC Ouch! podcast with Mat Fraser. She is a disability rights campaigner and, as a member of Not Dead Yet, she speaks out against assisted suicide. In 2012 she researched and presented the documentary ‘When Assisted Death is Legal’ for the BBC World Service.

Press quote

“This sensitive showstopper Assisted Suicide: The Musical didn’t disappoint. As Carr has explained in much of her activism, suicide isn’t funny, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take the rise out of society’s absurdly hypocritical attitudes towards the death that will not speak its name.” – Exeunt Magazine.

Read the Exeunt review in full. 


30 March – 9 April 2017
Malthouse Theatre, Melbourne, Australia

18 January 2017
Southbank Centre, London

17-18 November 2016
DaDaFest, Liverpool

17-18 September 2016
10-11 September 2016

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