Photograph by Celine Mcilmunn

Lea Cummings – “To open the eternal worlds, to open the immortal eyes” Blake

This project explored the spiritual aspects of physical reality, ritual performance and the role of human beings within the universe. Cummings developed an experience that transported audiences into a mystical, magical place outside day-to-day reality. The resulting work incorporated visual art, video, audio and performance. (CS)

Lea Cummings works across a wide range of media, including sound, performance, painting, computer animation, film and collage.  The themes that connect his work relate to distortion, noise, time, archetypes, symbolism and the subliminal. Lea is interested in humans as the creators of reality on every level.  The work expresses alterations of perception, and the opening of channels to deeper levels of experience; escaping the prison of five-sense reality and breaking the control of consciousness from deliberate external deception. Lea’s artistic practice attempts to open higher truth and altered states.  He feels the work is most successful when he lets it flow through him, rather than being a totally active creator on a conscious level.  To achieve the greatest success with this requires him to enter a certain meditative mind set where time is fluid and the work is all that exists. Lea believes emotions affect the physical world and that’s why art has a mystical quality; it holds something of its creator.  That’s why mass-produced things don’t have the same resonance.


17 January 2015
2-7 September 2014

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