The Dinner Party Revisited, Katherine Araniello. Photograph by the artist.

Katherine Araniello – The Dinner Party Revisited

In a twist on a 1920s comedy sketch in which an elderly woman hosts a celebration dinner for the friends she has outlived, live art performance, The Dinner Party Revisited, sees the artist play host to six television monitor “guests”, all played by Araniello. Their unscripted interactions with her live presence and her alcohol infused butler form a satirical and darkly comic take on some of the clichés around disability.  Unlimited will support the development and presentation of the work: £38,550 (ACE).

2 Minutes with Katherine Araniello (captioned)

2 Minutes with Katherine Araniello (audio-described)

Katherine Araniello is a London-based artist using video, digital imagery and performance art to respond to contemporary themes around disability. She creates frameworks that challenge and alter preconceptions. This is done through subversive humour and presenting disability in fresh discourses.

Live art performance, also available on DVD for video screenings. Available for touring now.


15 October 2015
15 September 2015
9 September 2015
LADA (publication & DVD launch)
2 September 2014
2 September 2014