Chloë Clarke (Phillips) - The Importance of Being Described...Earnestly? Picture by Michael Aaron

Chloë Clarke – The Importance of Being Described…Earnestly?

The Importance of Being Described…Earnestly? is an improvised comedy focused on using audio description as a creative tool, giving the audience a choice of interpretation.

The audio description is character-driven and delivered live by all performers, all the time – often leading to disagreements amongst them. It is set in an open rehearsal room where the audience becomes just as much part of the action as the clueless (fictional) theatre company, led by an egocentric director, in making a hapless attempt at integrating audio description into their ‘inclusive’ performance.

“INVITATION TO ATTEND AN OPEN REHEARSAL: from renowned Director Tobias St. Michael III

We are proud to be opening our doors to you, the public, to come and witness (or, rather, experience) an open rehearsal session led by none other than inclusive theatre expert Tobias St. Michael III. For this production, St. Michael has turned his attention to audio description, an aspect of the creative process so often overlooked. Since being prescribed glasses in recent years, our Artistic Director has become fiercely passionate about access for the visually impaired.

This is going to be huge.

So throw away your headsets and let us give you an exciting and exclusive insight into How. We. Make. Inclusively.

– Tobias St. Michael III”


1-4 November 2018
26 September 2018
The Riverfront , Newport
7 December 2017
Wales Millenium Centre