Wide doorway with the word EXIT above in stone

Bekki Perriman – The Doorways Project

The Doorways Project is a touring, site-specific sound installation. It explores homeless culture through the personal stories of society’s most silenced people.

Inspired by her experience of life on the streets, Bekki’s direct and unsentimental approach investigates the personal, social and political dimensions of homelessness. Her work considers public attitudes to disability and the role of art in making the invisible present.

Situated across different locations, the installation is a reflection on the spatial experience of life in a city. Through a series of recorded monologues, audiences are invited to intimately engage with the difficult (and mostly ignored) experience of homelessness, and hear first-hand the challenges it presents. It is a unique opportunity to observe a familiar environment from a different perspective.

An accompanying map will direct people to the different locations and a transcript of the monologues will be provided.

Bekki Perriman is an artist working in sound, installation and photography around issues of mental health and social exclusion. Drawing on her own experience of homelessness, Bekki addresses social and cultural issues from a personal perspective, focusing on the human dimension of a wider political crisis. Using direct methods and a clear narrative, Bekki’s work aims to challenge and motivate. She lives and works in London.

Each installation will include content created especially with local homeless people. Available for touring.

Supported by Unlimited, with funding from Arts Council England.


15-25 September 2016
6-11 September 2016
3-5 July 2016
Metal, Liverpool
3 June – 3 July 2016
FACT, Liverpool

Production details

Shiri Shalmy
Technical consultant
Tom Richards
Sound recordist and editor
Jack James
Graphic designer
Claire Beadle


Door Ways Project

Production images